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Early Access Interview

Dr. Morgan Nolte

Proven Strategies for
Reversing Insulin Resistance

Early Access Interview

Dr. Tara Scott

Navigating Hormone Imbalances: Lab Tests & Natural Solutions

Early Access Interview

Dr. Kristen Lee

Comedy, Anxiety &
Cultivating Resilience

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Early Access Interviews 

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Total Wellness Mastery
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Overwhelmed by contradictory health advice and unsure where to turn for your unique needs?

Juggling work and family, but feel like you're always dropping the ball with self-care?

Struggling with low energy or body discomforts, and desperate for real solutions to feel like yourself again?

You're certainly not alone.

In a world filled with “quick-fix” trends, misleading data, and empty promises it's no wonder many feel overwhelmed, lost and confused about healthy eating, living and balance.

But here's the good news: You don't have to navigate this maze by yourself anymore.

It's entirely possible to boost your energy levels, master your stress, relieve symptoms naturally, and thrive in a body you love …no matter what your past experiences or current challenges may be.

During the Total Wellness Mastery Show, we’ll show you how.

You’ll hear from some of the most respected experts in the world of natural health & wellness — sharing their secrets, personal stories, priceless wisdom and easy-to-implement tools & strategies — so you can unshackle yourself from draining health fads, rebalance your body & mind, and tackle each day looking and feeling your best.

Our health experts will give you the answers you need to help:

  • ​Increase energy and productivity with holistic modalities
  • ​Break through weight loss resistance to release stubborn body & belly fat
  • ​Create resilience & routines to manage stress like a pro
  • ​​​​Relieve pain and chronic symptoms naturally 
  • ​Heal your gut, reduce inflammation & detoxify your body
  • Address trauma that may be keeping you stuck or sick
  • ​Optimize sleep to wake up refreshed and energized daily
  • ​Boost your health, balance your hormones & feel great in your body
Imagine a life where you're not bogged down by confusion and overwhelm about your health, a life where you wake up refreshed in a body you love, full of energy knowing exactly how to honor your health and sustain that feeling all day long. That's what attending this event can do for you.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your health & life, starting today!

We invite you to join us for the 7th annual Total Wellness Mastery Show, to finally get the answers you've been searching for.


“Very interesting speakers on the show. I loved the variety of topics, which I found to be very relevant in today's environment. The enthusiasm that each speaker brought to their subject and Lauren's in depth questioning of each speaker I thought were great!”

- Anonymous
"I appreciated how knowledgeable all the guest speakers were and how diverse yet connected every topic was"

- Loretta M.
"I'm walking away with a better understanding of my body's needs and how it all works together."

- Jacqueline B.
“The interview style was amazing.”

- Anonymous
“I don't have much free time so I really appreciate that the event is offered in smaller chunks.”

- Susan F.
“I loved the free valuable beneficial knowledge! It’s practical knowledge that could be used right away!”

- Aisha W.
“The topics were so diverse and really covered "total" wellness. I loved it!  You are an excellent host, Lauren. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

- William S.
“My favorite thing about the Total Wellness Mastery Show was the broad range of topics that addressed all the different areas of living a healthy life, and the different perspectives. This allows listeners to find things they identify with, and also exposes us to different ways of looking at things. For instance, although their topic focus may not have been food, many speakers revealed things about their personal way of eating, and they do not all follow the same philosophy. I liked considering that approaches can be different and still be healthy.”

- Anonymous
"Loved all the speakers. I learned a lot and got a lot of questions answered. Thank you!"

- Becky W.
“Always an interesting range of subjects and interviewees.”

- Tricia S.
“I loved the great variety of unique guests.”

- Cortney P.
"This has been very enlightening! Every speaker is so knowledgeable. I want them all to be my personal doctors, trainers and coaches!"

- Tanya F.
“I walked away from this show overall inspired!

- Paula B.

& much more!


Dr. Patricia Mills

Understanding The Blood Sugar Connection

Dr. Morgan Nolte

Proven Strategies for Reversing Insulin Resistance

Nagina Abdullah

Metabolism-Boosting Strategies for Effortless Weight Loss

Betty Murray

Hormones, Metabolism
& The Power of Balance

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Unpacking Trauma & Emotions for Deep Healing & Optimal Health

Dr. Kristen Lee

Comedy, Anxiety & Cultivating Resilience

Krista Resnick

Mindfulness & Healthy Boundaries

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Effective Solutions for Conquering Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Erin Kinney

Burnout Recovery
& Achieving Hormone Harmony

Julie Olson

Holistic Strategies for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Dr. Jordan Robertson

Cracking the Code of Female Physiology

Dr. Kela Smith

Solving the Hormone Puzzle for Optimal Body,
Mind & Spirit

Dr. Carolyn Ledowsky

MTHFR: Mood, Fertility, Immunity & More

Dr. Nicole Rankins

Empowered Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Dr. Tara Scott

Navigating Hormone Imbalances: Lab Tests & Natural Solutions

Andrea Donsky

Sanity & Vitality Through Perimenopause

Tara Thorne

Creating Your Personal Nutrition Blueprint

Dr. Kim Norman

Creating Health & Happiness in the "PAUSE" Phases of Life

Dr. Anna Garrett

Mastering the Menopause Transition

Russell Mariani

The 'No Diet' Way to Complete Health

Brenda Watson

The Microbiome Connection: Digestion, Immunity & Beyond

Dr. John Dempster

The Gut & Mental Health Connection

Gina Bria

The Wonders of Water & Secrets to Optimal Hydration

Bonnie Wisener

Understanding IBS
& Natural Solutions

Margaret Floyd Barry

Getting to the Bottom of
Food Sensitivities

Dr. Tiffany Caplan

Solving the
Autoimmunity Puzzle



Lauren Sanchez is a board-certified holistic health practitioner, women's natural health specialist and founder of the Purposeful Wellness Corporation. She’s known for her no-nonsense, keep-it-simple approach for helping busy, professional women get their health, body, confidence and energy levels back and better than ever through holistic modalities that bring balance to the body and mind.

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